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Use Our Free Merch By Amazon & KDP Sales Estimator Tool to calculate average monthly sales for Merch by Amazon & KDP products in order to gauge the demand and the potential profitability of your niche

Get Free Sales Estimation For Any KDP & Merch By Amazon Product, Fast

Merch Dominator offers a fast and more effective MBA & KDP Sales Estimator tool for free, to help you estimate sales for products on Merch by Amazon & KDP. The tool takes into account bestseller rankings, reviews, search engine results rankings, and the marketplace to provide reliable monthly sales estimates.
Merch Dominator - Sales Estimator

Calculate estimated average monthly sales with our free sales calculator tool

Gain a competitive edge over your competition by using our free KDP & Sales Estimator for Merch By Amazon and get up-to-date accurate sales data in no time. Considering the changing nature of sales numbers, it is important to check each product's sales history to get the full picture. With our free sales calculator tool, you can estimate the average monthly sales within a matter of seconds.

How Does It Work

Open a Product Page on Amazon

Find the item you're seeking on Look for a product you're interested in by browsing through the search results.

Find a Product’s Sales Rank

Look for the best seller rank (BSR) at the bottom of the product listing. Make a note of this number.

Get a Monthly Sales Estimate

Go to our Merch by Amazon Sales Estimator and enter the country, category, and BSR of your product, then click “Calculate Sales”. That’s it!

Free Sales Estimator For Merch By Amazon & KDP

Looking to boost your sales of products on Merch By Amazon and KDP? Look no further than our Merch By Amazon & KPD free sales estimator and sales calculator tool. With our innovative Sales Calculator...
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