All Merch Dominator Features To Meet Your POD Industry Needs

Merch Dominator is an all-in-one Print on Demand tool that offers a wide range of features to make you more successful in the print-on-demand industry. This tool covers everything you need to succeed on platforms such as Merch by Amazon, Etsy, and Redbubble, from keyword research to trend analysis to trademark checks to sales estimation, inspiration generation, and cutting-edge AI tools. If you're just getting started or you're an experienced seller, Merch Dominator's insights and intelligence will be invaluable. Use our Merch Dominator's meticulously crafted features to benefit your print-on-demand business hugely. Check out all Merch Dominator Features you need to succeed in the print-on-demand industry.

Product Search

Get access to live keyword suggestions directly from Amazon and turn them into royalties. You can research keywords for all marketplaces and products and go on Amazon to research competition for these keywords and get ideas for your next design. This is the best niche validation tool there is.

Best Sellers

The Best Sellers module gives you the ability to filter through millions of products using advanced filters including keyword input, marketplace selection including KDP, product selection, many sorting functions, best seller rank, number of reviews, star ratings, price, date, estimated sales, Amazon subcategories. We'll show you the best designs so you can find untapped opportunities to make insane profit.

Seller Trends

You can find the latest trend winners and tap into the newest trends before your competitors do.


Discover the best selling brands and reverse engineer their process to be successful on Merch By Amazon and Print on Demand. We give you all the analytics you need with a click of a button.

Merch Archive

Data is power. With Merch Archive, know exactly what was trending on a specific date? This way, when the next season or year rolls around, you'll be one step ahead of the competition.

Live Research

Most research tools our there give you delayed and inaccurate data which is useless when it comes to helping you find untapped design opportunities. With our revolutionary Real-Time Search module, you are able to access live Amazon data in all marketplaces with a click of a button along with all the filters and analytics you need to be able to make fast decisions and get into hot trends before your competitors do.

Deleted Designs

Keeping your Merch By Amazon account and business safe is the long term play. Wouldn't be great to know the designs that Amazon takes down as soon as it happens. With our Deleted Designs module, you are able to access all the designs that Amazon takes down due to violations of their TOS or due to owners of those designs getting their accounts terminated, so that you can learn from their mistakes and don't upload designs that might get your account banned.

Sales Estimator

Our powerful sales estimator tool designed specifically for Merch By Amazon and KDP sellers. With this tool, you can effortlessly boost your sales by gaining valuable insights and projections. Easily check the sales estimation of any product on Merch By Amazon and KDP using either the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) or the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). Say goodbye to guesswork and make informed decisions during niche validation with our innovative tool. Maximize your profits and optimize your success by leveraging the reliable and accurate data provided by our sales estimator tool.

Redbubble Trends

The Redbubble module is your key to unlocking the most current and profitable trends for any Print on Demand platform. It offers a spectrum of features, from popular and trending searches to an innovative tag generator and keyword suggestions. Essentially, this Redbubble trends tool is your powerhouse for revenue generation.

POD Inspiration

Never run out of profitable design ideas with POD inspiration. Get inspired by best selling designs from Spreadshirt and Etsy. You'll be able to make best selling designs with your own spin inspired from these platform and upload them into Merch By Amazon and be the first to get into new trends

Upcoming Events

With our Upcoming events module, you are able to access trending designs for particular events with advanced filtering options so you can get into those events with ideas that sell before anyone else does. You can check our database or research these events directly on Amazon. The potential to find great opportunities is massive when you have access to all the marketplaces and products.

Events Calendar

With our events calendar module, you would be able to access designs that are trending for different events around the year with advanced filtering options so you can get into those events with ideas that sell before anyone else does. You can check our database or research these events directly on Amazon. This is similar to the upcoming events module, but it shows you a calendar as well. The potential to find great opportunities is massive when you have access to all the marketplaces and products.

Trademark Registrations

Filter through millions of trademark applications and registrations using our up-to-date trademark database across all marketplaces and Merch By Amazon products to protect your account and business.

Trademark Search

Check trademarks for all Merch By Amazon marketplaces and products using the most advanced innovative filters in the industry in a snap to keep your account and business safe.

Listing Trademark Search

Say goodbye to checking your listing for trademarks word by work using traditional tools. With Merch Dominator, you can check an entire listing for any product in all Merch By Amazon marketplaces and products using the most advanced innovative filters in the industry in a snap to keep your account and business safe.

Trademark Watchlist

Some people turn high traffic keywords to trademarks which is a big problem for the Print on Demand industry. Use our Trademark Watchlist module to Monitor keywords against millions of records in our database across all Merch By Amazon marketplaces and products to protect your account and business from frivolous trademarks.

Keyword Trends

Find trending phrases that fellow Merchers are typing for each specific date to get an idea about what is trending if you're lacking inspiration. Then go ahead and research these keywords in your own time and see what opportunities you can find to turn these keywords to royalties.

Keyword Analysis

Enter a short seed keyword and discover high converting related keywords and keyword suggestions directly from Amazon, along with keyword historical search volume data, CPC, Trends and competition data.

AI Listing Creator

No more struggling to collect keywords and create your listings. With our AI Listing Creator module, you're able to create your listing using your important short and long tail keywords in 2 seconds using our specially trained AI. Then check your listing for trademarks and Amazon banned keywords, then copy and paste your listing to your Merch By Amazon create page, reducing your time spent on creating your listing by 95%.

Keyword Processor

Tired of using notepad or text edit to collect and process your keywords. With our Keyword Editor module, you can process huge lists of keywords, remove useless keywords and only use the best high traffic keywords that will skyrocket your sales.

Google Trends

Discover the latest trends and turn them into viral Print on Demand designs using our Trends module.

Photopea Designer

Make awesome designs from inside Merch Dominator with the Photopea Designer so you can stay focused and never have to leave the platform.

AI Niche Generator

The AI Niche Generator is designed to help you discover untapped niches by generating a list of unique and profitable niches within seconds. It’s perfect for those looking for new opportunities in the POD industry and wanting to stay ahead of the competition.

AI Quote Generator

The AI Quote Generator will provide you with an endless stream of inspiring and catchy quotes to use on your POD designs. You won’t have to spend hours brainstorming or searching for the perfect quote anymore. This tool will save you time and effort while ensuring your designs always have fresh and engaging content.

Transparent PNG Design Download

Imagine having the ability to download the transparent PNG of any design in our database. Well, now with our transparent PNG image download feature you can. Use this feature to get inspired by designs and reverse engineer how they were designed for educational purposes. Do not to copy designs pixel for pixel and upload them to your account because it is the fastest way to get your account terminated.


We know full-well that efficiency leads to high performance. Our favourites module helps you streamline and organise your research process, which it can be accessed at anytime by yourself, VA or designer to speed up your workflow.

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