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When you partner with Merch Dominator to market our brand to new customers, you will be rewarded. The registration process for the Merch Dominator Affiliate Program is straightforward and only takes a few moments to complete.

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Promote Merch Dominator To Your Audience

Make your audience aware of the benefits of Merch Dominator by producing various forms of content. These can include but not limited to YouTube videos, blogs, emails, TikTok videos etc. Also, we are happy to support you in the creation of your content by providing marketing materials and access to free Merch Dominator training.


Earn a Recurring 25% Lifetime Commission On Every Conversion

Increase your income by creating regular content. For every new paid user you introduce to Merch Dominator, you will receive a recurring 25% commission, not just a one-time payment. This commission will be paid to you each month for as long as the subscription is active.


No Cap For Your Earning Potential

There are no limitations on your earning potential as we don't have any commission caps.

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Who Can Be A Merch Dominator Affiliate? Literally Anyone!


Content Creators

Maximize the potential of your YouTube channel, website, blog, Facebook group, newsletter, or any social media channel by utilizing it to advertise Merch Dominator to your audience and tap into a reliable source of additional income.



Promoting Merch Dominator to your followers on social media could be a way to earn additional income every month if you have a significant number of likes on your posts or an active presence on different social media channels.


Merch Dominator Users

You're already using Merch Dominator and often recommend it to your friends, why not earn money by promoting it? You can participate in the affiliate program and earn recurring passive income.

Merch Dominator Affiliate Program Benefits


Get Paid Every Month

Earn a 25% Lifetime Commission for every successful referral to Merch Dominator with a 30 day referral cookie duration.


Marketing Resources

We provide you with all the necessary materials to promote Merch Dominator including logos, digital ads, and other promotional materials.


Uncapped Earning Potential

With no limit on the amount of commission you can earn, your earning potential is limitless. You can earn as much revenue as you can generate through your efforts.


Exclusive Coupon Codes

Promote your own unique discount codes to your audience and earn commission on each successful conversion.


Merch Dominator Sells Itself

Anyone can earn a substantial income with their Print On Demand or KDP business with the help of Merch Dominator, making it very easy to promote.


Dedicated Affiliate Manager

As a Merch Dominator Affiliate, you will have a dedicated Affiliate Manager to support and guide you towards success.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Optimize your marketing efforts by utilizing live tracking data found in your affiliate account, which includes referral data and earnings reports.

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How Do I Get Started?

Apply Online Now: Introduce yourself by filling out a quick form.
Get Qualified: you will be notified within 24 hours if you qualify.
Promote & Earn: Create content and share Merch Dominator with your audience or friends to generate conversions and earn lifetime passive income.

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Merch Dominator Affiliate Program Do’s & Don’ts


  • Promote Merch Dominator on social media including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or your website
  • Mention us in your Facebook group
  • Share your affiliate link with your Newsletter subscribers
  • Write A Blog Post about Merch Dominator


  • Don’t make false or misleading advertising
  • Don’t modify or change any of our marketing material including logos and banners
  • Don’t use your affiliate link on coupon & deal sites
  • Don’t subscribe to Merch Dominator with your own affiliate link

Merch Dominator Affiliate Program FAQs

Merch Dominator is the most advanced all-in-one Merch By Amazon research solution for Print On Demand. You can check the bestsellers, seller trends, filter through millions of Amazon products using Amazon product details, research upcoming events, organise your niche research with our favourites module, get real-time accurate Amazon keyword data, discover best selling brands, analyse best sellers history with our Merch Archive, check deleted designs, perform real-time Amazon product research, research other platforms including KDP, Etsy, Spreadshirt and Pinterest, discover google trends, protect your business with our Trademark checking and monitoring functionalities, download high resolution transparent PNGs of any design and much more.

The program is available for anyone to join, especially those who have an audience/following in Print on Demand and Merch by Amazon, including influencers, and course creators can achieve great results by joining the program. Affiliate program is also available for Merch Dominator users who wish to promote the platform and get recurring passive income.

Apply to the program and the Merch Dominator Affiliate team will review your application and inform you of the outcome within 24 hours.

Yes, if you have an audience that would be interested in starting or growing a Print on Demand business, our Affiliate program is suitable for you. Go ahead and apply and we will let you know the outcome of your application within 24h.

The referral cookie duration is 30 days. So when a customer makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link, you will earn an initial commission as well as a recurring commission every time the customer renews their subscription. You will continue to earn a commission as long as the customer has an active Merch Dominator subscription.

Your earning potential is uncapped, but commissions are only earned for new users who sign up using your referral link or promotion code. Commissions are not earned on existing users.

You have a lot of flexibility in terms of promoting the program, but all actions must be in accordance with the affiliate program's policy and must not damage Merch Dominator's reputation. We reserve the right to warn or block accounts in case of policy violations.

When applying, you will be asked to provide your PayPal account information, commissions will be paid directly to that account.

We do not have any minimum payout threshold.

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