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Discover your top Merch by Amazon Niches today with our tailored-made products research tool to help you find the best products based on target keywords, phrases, or marketplace.
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Merch By Amazon Product Research Tool For All Your Needs

Analyzing data like BSR trends, keywords, prices, and trademarks, we help you gain inspiration from best-selling products using the Merch by Amazon Product Research tool. Our MBA product research tool...
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New Product Ideas

Keeping track of seasonality with BSR trends is a great way to stay ahead of your competition. Consider these data-driven insights when making your niche and design choices.

Perfect Sellers

The tool has powerful filtering features, giving some fixed filter tags to filter the products with different advantages. Filter criteria can also be customized to find products that are of interest t...
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Price Analysis

The tool will record the historical BSR and price of the product, average BSR, median BSR, overall trend in BSR, and the average price. A royalty calculator is available for you to calculate the royal...
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If you can post a product at the same time as a hot product is taken off the shelf, it will be more likely to be seen and purchased by buyers because the competition for this theme is greatly reduced....
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Keywords analysis

This free Merch By Amazon Product Research tool allows you to analyze the keywords of the product. It will highlight the number of how many times the keywords are displayed. One-click adds these keywo...
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