Types of POD Platforms and One-Stop Solution for POD Research

Types of POD Platforms and One-Stop Solution for POD Research

Types of POD Platforms and One-Stop Solution for POD Research

Print On Demand | September 5th, 2023

The way in which the print on demand business is growing, it won’t be too long before the best of the artists will be on the POD platforms as they are also known. The platforms offer an opportunity for the artists to create their designs and earn a living off the sales of the designs. For those who are seeking to convert their passion into their business, doing it on POD is one of the most viable ways to do it.

While it is exciting to think of how much can be achieved in terms of earnings when you decide to sell something that you excel at, the truth is that you could also end up being confused and lost at the same time. Since there are so many platforms for print on demand that people can have their accounts on, it can be overwhelming to find out which one is the right one for you.

Apart from having accounts on POD platforms, you also need to find out which one you can do best on because you also need solid backing in the form of research tools like Merch Dominator to be able to build a successful business. So before you get down to thinking about how to design t-shirts for Amazon Merch, you need to first figure out the different kinds of POD platforms and how to find a one-stop research solution for them.

What are the different POD platforms that you can use:?

When you look closely, there are different models of POD that are present online and you can choose to opt for any kind depending on what kind of fulfilment capacity you have. Right from all logistical and business details managed to do everything on your own, you will find it all on the different POD platforms out there. Here are some of the platforms that you should know about:

1. Amazon Merch On Demand:

This is a platform that is one of the most popular ones and it is popular for good reason. You will find that all the fulfilment details and steps are carried out by Amazon and all that the designers have to do is to create designs and upload them to sell them.

2. Redbubble:

This is another popular POD platform that a lot of artists that use research tools like Merch Dominator, sell on. More people vouch for this POD platform because it is known to offer artist friendly policies.

3. Zazzle:

With a wider range of products on which designs may be applied, this POD platform finds popularity among artists and buyers who do not want to limit their choices to common items like t-shirts, caps, and mobile covers.

4. Printful:

As opposed to the regular POD platforms, this one works with a twist. It serves as an integration platform for websites like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon and more. This platform allows the sellers to focus on the design part while it helps with the fulfilment part of the business, taking off a major load off the POD artists and opening up many other opportunity windows for them.

5. Tee spring:

This is a print on demand platform that works on a campaign basis with the artists that put up their designs on the platforms. The artists get to earn through this platform until their campaign with the platform is active.

It may be safely said that artists have a lot of choices to pick from when it comes to having a POD business. All they need to do is choose a model that suits their requirement the best. However, what you also need to be sure about is to check for which platforms can be handled best by designers with the help of research tools like Merch Dominator.

Why Use Research Tools:

Research tools are important in planning a POD business because when you have a POD business, you need to know about what kinds of people you’d be catering to and how you can deliver designs that they want the most.

The research tools serve as a win-win option for the artists that have their accounts on POD platforms as well as the buyers that seek to buy from among the POD platforms.

What Kinds of Research Tools Do You Need:

When you have a comprehensive, all-inclusive, one-stop research solution like Merch Dominator, that is all you need for conquering the print on demand business arena. There are a lot of reasons why you should learn about how to design t-shirts for Amazon Merch and other POD platforms through one single research tool:

- It saves you the time: One of the most important resources that you need to pay attention to in building a successful POD business is to ensure that you have enough time to execute your designs, one research tool can help you cut down on research time without compromising on quality.

- It allows you a better comparison: When you have a single tool for research, it becomes simpler to compare different platforms and find the viability of business on each of the platforms on the basis of your research inferences.

  • Source of income: When you stick to one research tool like Merch Dominator, you can actually earn money through its POD affiliate program. When you use one research tool, you can market it with much more passion and honesty, which is how you will be able to earn more conversions.

It may be concluded by saying that there are a lot of POD platforms, that work with different business models, but when you have one research tool to take you successfully through all the POD models and help you find as many sources of earning as you can. One POD research tool can get you the kind of business prospects that would otherwise be difficult to manage. 

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